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Spectacular Modern Colonial Home with Indoor Pool in Panorama! 


Located in the new "Las Roseas" complex in the heart of the "Jardines de Antigua" area of Panorama, this stunning home is just 5 minutes away from the center of Antigua, and it is surrounded by nature and beautiful volcano views. 

The size of the property is "265 mts2 with a total of "265 mts2" of construction.

The house shares the entrance gate and garage with the other two houses in the "Las Roseas" complex. 

The home style is a mix of modern and colonial architecture. Much of the interior is constructed with local natural elements like volcanic rock.

Rooms:    1 Master, 2 Secondary Bedrooms and 1 Service Room

Included: 1 Fridge and 1 Gas Stove


Also Included: A Covered Garage for 2 cars and Backyard of 10x7 meters.

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